The CRE : Research and Teaching Council

The Research and Teaching Council is a council that is formed by the members of the strategic council who have a doctorate, researchers who have a doctorate and doctoral students (those who are writing a thesis to validate their doctorate). The IRSEA also allows itself to invite other collaborators from the Institute to support the members of the CRE according to the themes dealt with.

It takes place every two weeks and follows agendas established by the Director of Research and Teaching and sent a few days earlier.

The primary role of the RCE is to provide information on all scientific aspects that may be found within the different departments of the institute. The second is an educational role, since the council allows the transmission and exchange of its scientific information. Finally, the RCE has an advisory role, since it can give its opinion on certain decisions that will be taken by the strategic council later on. The Research and Teaching Council also monitors the various projects carried out by the different departments. The members of the council discuss three main aspects:

1. Research

Scientific presentations are made, linked to ongoing or completed research projects, but also on other topics such as the acquisition of laboratory machines. These presentations are proposed by the project managers, but can also be made at the request of the research and teaching director.

2. University training

The aim here is to draw up an inventory of the various internships and university training courses in progress at the institute, but also of the future trainees, apprentices or doctoral students that we will receive.

3. The publication of scientific articles and attendance at congresses

The last aspect is to present proposals for conferences we could attend, and future scientific papers that are in the process of being published. The scientist must be able to explain and argue about the interest of the congress for the IRSEA. The CRE is there to advise and guide the scientist in finding the best congress to present his project.

Concerning the publication of articles, the idea is to provide support to the researcher in the preparation of his or her article. This involves choosing the title or the selection of the journal in which the article will be published.

The Research and Teaching Council does not have a power of validation, but a power of consultation and proposal of scientific procedures. The power of validation then belongs to the strategic council. The different points seen during the Research and Teaching Council help the strategic council to take decisions.

The IRSEA and the CRE encourage communication and mutual aid between all the departments, which is why the progress of projects, training courses, articles or even conferences are not only discussed between departments, but all together, all departments combined. Thus, the different projects are studied by collaborators with different expertise from one another, which sometimes offers a fresh perspective and allows us to move forward together.

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