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IRSEA is a private research institute dedicated to the study of the behaviour of animals and humans, their interactions and especially their chemical communication.

The purpose of the Institute is to study and understand the mechanisms underlying these functions, but also to develop methods to improve behavioural and interaction management and welfare.


Semiochemistry (from the Greek “semios” sign) studies chemical communication, the oldest and most widespread mode of transmission of information among living beings.

The will to interact with the whole living world

In order to achieve harmonious and functional co-existence, IRSEA never works to seek coercive solutions, methods of eradication, but on the contrary to coexistence and sharing of the world we have.

A requirement of excellence

With the constant concern for the personal fulfilment of the members of our teams, through a very collegial organization and with a desire to facilitate personal fulfilment (for example in sponsoring their sports or artistic passions) and professional fulfilment (encouragement and facilitation of university courses).

Believing in the importance of education and access to higher education

By welcoming students from all over the world in a comfortable and economically secure environment (provision of accommodation, financing of registration fees or fees for attending congresses in France and abroad) and by providing them with a real preparation for the exam, for the defense.

Making the tools and methods that emerged from the work of IRSEA accessible

To make available to countries and populations the tools and methods of IRSEA work to those who need it but do not necessarily have the economic means.

From Pherosynthèse to IRSEA

It was first called Pherosynthèse, before becoming the Research Institute for Semiochemistry and Applied Ethology — Pherosynthèse and finally L'IRSEA in November 2010.

Behind this change in denomination is an evolution of IRSEA's commitments.

University training has been associated with basic and applied research.

This new involvement involved first research training for PhD and Master students, then, finally, participation and implementation of continuing and graduate training programmes in collaboration with partner universities.

Today, IRSEA has become a leading player in the field of research and training at international level.

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