Strategic committee

The Board of Directors is responsible for validating the strategy of IRSEA to decide on general organizational and budgetary decisions.

This Council oversees relations with IRSEA partners, which are part of the IRSEA Group, but also external partners: universities, industry, etc.

The decisions taken are administrative and logistical typologies taking into account the broad strategic lines, which can affect both internally and externally.

The Board, referred by the Director General, is organized by means of a charter of operation which allows, in particular, to establish the role of each member.

Member of the committee :

Managing Director / Research Director: Alessandro Cozzi

Senior Researcher-SDRE: Patrick Pageat

Director of Education and Training: Cécile Bienboire-Frosini

Scientific Communication Manager: Pietro Asproni and Míriam Marcet-Rius

Administrative and Financial Director: Alexandre Vidy

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