Patented Applications

The patented applications resulting from this work are subject to licensing agreements with pharmaceutical laboratories that manufacture and market the products. Revenues derived from these licences are the main source of funding for IRSEA.

IRSEA protects research results by filing international patents (more than 400 to date)


JUNIOR Adaptil

ADAPTIL Junior conveys “reassuring messages” that help your puppy feel as good and serene with your family as they would be with their mother while facilitating their learning, allowing them to become a well-educated and balanced adult dog.

To accompany your puppy throughout the socialization period (from adoption to 6 months), use a new collar every month.

Adaptil Junior est distribué par les Laboratoires CEVA Santé Animale.

DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone)

Used in dogs with fear-related problems or to prevent fear reactions during puppies education.

Adaptil® is a patented product, it is the subject of European Patents EP 0948963 and EP 1047415, US Patents No. 6,077,867, 6,054,481, 6,169,113 and 6,384,252 and their foreign equivalents.

Adaptil® is distributed by CEVA Animal Health Laboratories.



Scratching behaviour is a natural behavior in the cat to leave a visual and olfactory message.

Preventing or punishing such behaviour can be a source of stress.

FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY® encourage votre chat à griffer à l'endroit souhaité.

Feliway® Friends

Used to facilitate cohabitation between cats.

Feliway® friends is a patented product, distributed by CEVA Animal Health Laboratories.

F3 (Feline Facial Pheromone)

Used in the treatment of urinary marking and stress-related problems in cats.

Feliway® est distribué par les Laboratoires CEVA Santé Animale

Confidence EQ®

EAP (Equine Appeasing Pheromone)


Used in anxious horses during transport or at work.

Confidence EQ® is a patented product.

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