Researcher in Invertebrate Chemical Ecology

IRSEA, a private research institute in semiochemistry and applied ethology, specialized in chemical communication, ethology, and animal welfare, based in Apt, France, is looking for a researcher in chemical ecology (full time, permanent position).

General description:
IRSEA (Research Institute in Semiochemistry and Applied Ethology), is a private research institute with about 40 employees, located in Apt, France, dedicated to the study of animal and human behavior, their interactions and more specifically chemical communication. The identification of chemical signals regulating animals’ life enables us to develop new therapeutic and zootechnics tools more respectful of animals and the environment.
In order to strengthen its projects on agricultural pest insects and arthropods vectors of human and animal diseases, IRSEA is hiring a researcher in invertebrate chemical ecology with a strong taste for applied research and both lab and field work.

Qualifications and requirements:
- Recent PhD in Chemical Ecology, Entomology, or related areas
- Previous experience with the analysis of arthropod behavior is mandatory.
- Good knowledge in semiochemistry and sensory systems involved in the detection of chemical compounds is preferred.
- Previous experience with pest insects or disease vectors is an advantage.
- Previous experience with field work is highly desirable but not mandatory.

- Fluent in English.
- Basic knowledge of French or willingness to learn French is desirable.

Role and responsibilities:
Under the responsibility of the head of the Chemical Ecology department, the researcher will have the following duties:
- Scientific and bibliographic monitoring of the different projects in which the researcher will be involved
- Protocol and report writing
- Planning, implementing, and conducting lab and field experiments for different projects involving several invertebrate  species
- Collecting behavioral data and participating in data analysis
- Collaborating with the other IRSEA departments for the non-behavioral aspects of the research projects
- Publishing scientific articles
- Presenting the results in national and international conferences

Desirable skills:
- Organized and methodical
- Thorough, respectful of deadlines, procedures, and instructions
- Excellent writing skills
- Personal drive and independence
- Ability to work in a team
- Versatile, with good faculty to adapt
- Dynamic, motivated, curious, with the desire to invest in the development of the research institute
- Ability to simultaneously handle several projects

Employment conditions:
Full time (35h/week, Monday to Friday), permanent position

Apt (84400), France
Collective bargaining agreement:
Pharmacie – Produits à usage pharmaceutique, parapharmaceutique, vétérinaire (fabrication et commerce). IDCC 1555

Starting from 32632 € yearly gross salary, commensurate with experience (level III.1 of the collective bargaining agreement).

How to apply:
Please send your CV and cover letter to (with the job reference 221026-CR-DEC in the subject line) If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact Sébastien Lebreton (, head of the Chemical Ecology department.

(+33)04 90 75 57 00
Monday - Friday 08h|17h
Closed on Saturdays
Closed on Sundays
Quartier Salignan
84 400 APT