IRSEA (Research Institute in Semiochemistry and Applied Ethology) is a private research institute with less than 50 employees, located in Apt (84) in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, dedicated to the study of the behavior of animals and man, their interactions and especially their chemical communication. The identification of chemical signals involved in the life of animals makes it possible to develop new therapeutic and zootechnical tools, respectful of humans, animals, and the environment.

IRSEA's research, materialized by the filing of 400 international patents since its creation in 1995, is the subject of numerous communications and international scientific publications. In a context of innovative, dynamic and rapidly developing research and development, IRSEA, to strengthen the chemical analysis activities within the Department of Molecular Biology and Chemical Communication (DBMCC), is recruiting a Research Assistant in Analytical Chemistry, specialized in chromatography and mass spectrometry, with significant experience in GC-MS and UHPLC-MS techniques, ideally applied to the analysis of volatile organic compounds and/or peptides and amino acids in various biological matrices.


Details about the position :

Qualification : Research Engineer / Research Assistant (Level III.1 (Manager) of the Branch Union Agreement « Pharmacie - Fabrication et commerce de produits à usage pharmaceutique, parapharmaceutique et vétérinaire »).

Type and duration of the contract: Permanent contract, full-time (35h per week, from Monday to Friday).

Gross Salary: from 38,000 € per year, negotiable depending on experience

Benefits: compensatory time off, flexible hours, teleworking possible

Workplace: Apt (84)


Missions :

Under the responsibility of the head of the Molecular Biology and Chemical Communication department, you will carry out the following missions:

- Develop, optimize, and validate new chromatographic methods in GC-MS, with several injection modes (liquid, SPME, Headspace), and UHPLC-MS (Orbitrap) for the identification and quantification of molecules of interest

- Routinely perform analyses, from sample preparation (SPE, liquid extraction) to the interpretation of results obtained by GC-MS and UHPLC-MS

- Write and communicate study plans, validation reports, analysis, procedures/operating methods, technical notes, etc.

- Collaborate and participate in R&D projects, interact with other IRSEA research departments to provide professional technical support relating to chemical analysis activities, and participate in the design and implementation of analytical procedures in connection with needs of scientific experiments carried out in collaboration with other research departments

- Provide critical analysis and technical expertise on the results generated, in particular by detecting and identifying anomalies

- Contribute to the scientific expertise of the institute and maintain a relevant scientific and technical watch/conduct bibliographic research in analytical chemistry

- Be involved in the scientific promotion of the laboratory's research work

- Work by the quality rules of the laboratory

- Respect the deadlines for carrying out its actions by the programming in the budgets established by the head of the department

- Participate in the laboratory's logistical organization: management of equipment, reagents, samples, orders, quality system, etc...

- Supervise two technicians and trainees and provide daily assistance (scientific and technical) to service analyst technicians, in particular with the resolution of complex technical issues and/or questions based on their solid professional experience acquired in GC-MS techniques and UHPLC-MS

- Provide training in the use of this material to newcomers to the team and to employees who express the need for it

- Participate/supervise level I maintenance of laboratory equipment (including external maintenance), ensure and coordinate preventive maintenance of the analytical park

Training and Professional experience :

· MSc or Diploma from an Engineering School in Chemistry, preferably Analytical Chemistry.

· Strong technical skills via a substantial experience (min. 3 years) in analytical chemistry techniques, mainly GC-MS and LC-MS, ideally with experience in the use of some of these software: “Tune”, “TraceFinder”, “Freestyle”, “Compound Discoverer”, “GCMS Real Time Analysis” “GCMS Analysis Editor” and “GCMS Postrun Analysis”.

· Project Management Skills: organization and time management abilities, with the aptitude to work independently and as part of a team to conduct, analyze and report on experiments to a high standard and to prioritize workload and coordinate with colleagues.

·Communication skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills (English required – French is a plus).

· Computer skills: Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), and other software of interest (see above).


Other preferred knowledge and skills:

· Precise and rigorous in the conduct of experiments and analyses.

· Innovative with a great sense of initiative, problem-solving skills, and analytical skills, to develop complex ideas, solutions driven, and improvements.

·Taste for teamwork, collaboration, communication, and teaching work.

· Versatile, with good integration and adaptation skills.

· Dynamic, motivated, and having the desire to invest in the development of the Institute.

· Compliance with procedures and instructions, particularly in the laboratory (wearing PPE).

· Strong interest in fundamental and applied research in the fields of chemistry and biology (in particular the chemical communication of animals).

· Be open to discovering different disciplines and participating in multidisciplinary research projects within the Institute.


Send applications (CV + cover letter) by email to:

Dr Cécile Bienboire-Frosini

Département Biologie Moléculaire et Communication Chimique

IRSEA - Institut de Recherche en Sémiochimie et Ethologie Appliquée

Quartier Salignan, 84400 Apt

Please specify that you are applying for the position of IR Chemist-DBMCC in the subject line of the email.


(+33)04 90 75 57 00
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Quartier Salignan
84 400 APT