WWLPS - The horses of Prjevalski

This is a good example of IRSEAH - WWLPS cooperation with non-governmental associations.

Reintroduction of Przewalski horses in Mongolia

TAKH, is an international association dedicated to Przewalski horses, a wild species very close to domestic horses.

TAKH has launched a program to Reintroduce Przewalski horses into their wild environment in Mongolia.

In order to travel to Mongolia, horses must travel in crates for 45 hours and face transport by truck, plane and man.

Thanks to equine maternal pheromones, it was possible to control stress and thus preserve the survival of the animal until its release.

As part of the WWLPS, IRSEA intervened in this project by providing these equine maternal pheromones.

Social cooperation between horses is restored immediately, a valuable effect of pheromones.

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