The organization of IRSEA

IRSEA covers a very broad area of research that cannot be tackled without multidisciplinary teams, closely connected to an international research network.

The aim of our organization is to ensure the best coordination of scientific teams and to optimize their interactions with the fields of application of their research.

The Directorate of IRSEA is carried out by the Director General in charge of financial and legal management. He is assisted in his task by a Board of Directors comprising the Heads of Department and the Dean. It also has an administrative and technical team operating the IRSEA and its facilities.

Research and teaching are organised by the Research and Teaching Council, made up of all researchers with a PhD and chaired by the Dean.

This board has a team of collaborators responsible for the cross-cutting scientific and technical functions necessary for the successful deployment of IRSEA research and teaching projects and strategies (data management and analysis, as well as strategic, economic and logistical analysis).

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